19-016 Public Safety Dispatcher

Dover, New Hampshire, United States · Police · 19-016


Full time, 40 hour per week position. $18.23 to $25.83 per hour. Position closes November 21, 2018.

The public safety dispatch center is the processing point for virtually all police and fire department telephone and computer communications entering (or leaving) the police department. Additionally, the public safety dispatcher has significant involvement with walk-in traffic and is also involved in the processing of written correspondence. The dispatcher has primary responsibility for the initial deployment of public safety personnel and equipment subject to department policy.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position. The listed examples may not include all duties found in this class):

1. Responsible to be thoroughly familiar with the department's procedures relating to the use of radio and other communications equipment and to maintain the computerized/manual call for service systems as well as the activity log.

2. Responsible to answer all telephone calls promptly and appropriately, and assist all complainants in a calm, civil, and professional manner.

3. Coordinate police, fire and ambulance activities at the scene of crimes, motor vehicle accidents fire scenes etc.

4. Dispatch police, fire and ambulance units as necessary and required.

5. Evaluate medical emergency situations and provide necessary assistance within the scope of training and procedure.

6. Responsible to be thoroughly familiar with emergency procedures that relate to matters requiring urgent police and fire attention so as to be capable of activating them immediately.

7. Acquire a thorough knowledge of the location and layout of streets, buildings, parks, housing areas and other significant areas of the community so as to maximize the accuracy and speed of dispatch.

8. Responsible to dispatch security, medical alert and fire alarms and dispatch appropriate response units.

9. Ensure that personnel who have been dispatched on calls are fully informed of all facts effecting the safety and efficiency of their response to the call.

10. Inform the Shift Commander when contact with an officer on patrol can not be made after a reasonable amount of time.

11. Monitor closed circuit television systems in order to insure station security and the proper supervision of persons confined.

12. Disseminate police information concerning wanted persons, stolen vehicles, missing persons, and other police information as may be received by the SPOTS computer, telephone or other means.

13. Render assistance to the members of the general public who make inquiries at Police Headquarters.

14. Recall off duty police personnel as may be necessary; recall off duty fire fighters as may be necessary in cases of serious fires or mutual aid assistance.

15. Report any deployment of Police Officers beyond their regularly assigned route or sectors to the Shift Commander or appropriate Division Commander.

16. Maintain equipment, especially the emergency call lines in working order and immediately report any malfunction or defect to the Communications Bureau Commander.

17. Record all significant communications as required by departmental procedures. Maintain the departmental daily log insuring an accurate recording of calls received and other significant events.

18. Explain departmental policy to the public when relative to the provision of police services.

19. Properly re-route calls for service where the offense/incident occurred in another jurisdiction.

20. Perform other duties as may be required.
21. Perform other related duties as required by the Chief of Police.



Ability to operate complicated computerized communications equipment and utilize computerized dispatching systems. Ability to effectively prioritize emergency situations and requests for police and fire services. Ability to project a calm, confident appearance under stress.

A. Knowledge of the operation and functions of agency computer equipment, as well as the skills and abilities to operate this equipment under emergency circumstances.

B. Knowledge of the street system and the geography of the Dover area as well as the ability to direct individuals to locations within the community.

C. Ability to speak clearly and concisely and to provide detailed information/instructions to personnel/citizens under stressful circumstances.

D. Possess emotional stability and the ability to work in a stressful, highly responsible environment. Ability to maintain confidentiality of information.

E. Ability to think and act quickly, calmly, and accurately in an emergency situation. Ability to type accurately at a reasonable rate of speed.

F. Ability to develop, within a reasonable period of time, skill and speed in the operations of the communications equipment and to demonstrate a knowledge of public safety practices and procedures.

G. Ability to understand and follow complex oral and written instructions.

H. Ability to keyboard and utilize standard computer equipment. Ability to utilize standard telephone systems. Ability to view monitoring equipment within the communications center. Ability to interact successfully with the news media. Ability to sit for extended periods of time. Ability to utilize computer systems, keyboards, filing systems, and other office equipment in both routine and emergency situations.

I. Knowledge of warrants of arrest and related items sufficient to allow for confirmation of wanted persons. Ability to sit for lengthy periods of time.

J. Knowledge of department records systems. Knowledge, skills and abilities sufficient to prepare in depth police reports. Ability to project confidence to the public. The ability to quickly and accurately evaluate situations and provide for the proper response or course of action.

K. Ability to interact professionally with the public in stressful situations.



Full time benefit offerings. $18.23 to $25.83 per hour.

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